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Magical Egypt: The Old Kingdom The Still Older Kingdom

Magical Egypt: The O...


John Anthony West explores architectural anomalies and other evidence of an advanced civilization predating the

Magical Egypt: The Invisible Science

Magical Egypt: The I...


A growing body of evidence is suggesting a missing chapter in human history.  Symbolist author and Egyptologist John

Magical Egypt: Descent

Magical Egypt: Desce...


An obscure and very ancient ruin in the deep Egyptian desert is found to contain an accurate sculpture of our Milky Way galaxy

Magical Egypt: Legacy

Magical Egypt: Legac...


The ancient Arabic name for Egypt was "Khemet", or "The Black Land".  The western continuation of the Egyptian magical

Magical Egypt: Navigating the Afterlife

Magical Egypt: Navig...


Did the ancient Egyptian technology extend into mastery of the afterlife? In the Valley of the Kings, the tombs of Seti I

Magical Egypt: The Temple in Man

Magical Egypt: The T...


"The temple was the teaching".  A look at the ancient Egyptian temple as an interactive repository of ancient teaching.

Magical Egypt: Illumination

Magical Egypt: Illum...


Twice a year, on the anniversary of the Ramses' birth and coronation day, the rising sun penetrates the temple to

Magical Egypt: Cosmology

Magical Egypt: Cosmo...


A comparison of ancient and modern models of the structure of the universe reveal unexpected similarities. As our most recent