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Finding Bigfoot: Canadian Bigfoot, Eh?

Finding Bigfoot: Can...


The bigfoot research team travels to Canada to investigate a unique bigfoot encounter caught on tape.

MonsterQuest: Russia’s Killer Apemen

MonsterQuest: Russia...


In 2006, The New York Times revealed a sinister plan by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to create monsters by crossing humans with apes. Travel to Russia ...

MonsterQuest: Ghosts

MonsterQuest: Ghosts...


Visit one of the most haunted houses in America, the Lizzie Borden house, scene of the famous 19th century double murder.

MonsterQuest: Vampire Beast

MonsterQuest: Vampir...


In the fall of 2007, residents of Bolivia, North Carolina started losing pets and farm animals to an unknown creature.

MonsterQuest: American Werewolf

MonsterQuest: Americ...


The werewolf is a centuries-old legend based on myth, not a real animal. However, local eyewitnesses in Wisconsin and Michigan report seeing a dogman

MonsterQuest: Mega Hog

MonsterQuest: Mega H...


Do wild hogs in the United States grow to monstrous sizes? Many think so. In Georgia an 1100 pound hog was shot and killed

MonsterQuest: The Real Hobbit

MonsterQuest: The Re...


Travel to the interior of Sumatra, in Indonesia, in a search for what locals call the Orang Pendak, translated as: Man of the Woods.

MonsterQuest: Unidentified Flying Creatures

MonsterQuest: Uniden...


For decades, cameras have been capturing images of a flying, torpedo-like creature so fast it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

MonsterQuest: Swamp Beast

MonsterQuest: Swamp ...


Are the vast swamps of Louisiana and Florida hiding a beast? The locals believe so and call it, "The Swamp Creature." It is said to ...

MonsterQuest: Gigantic Killer Fish

MonsterQuest: Gigant...


Are monster fish lurking in freshwater lakes and rivers? From the Arctic Circle to the Amazon, follow an expedition to find the biggest and nastiest

Finding Bigfoot: Peeping Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot: Pee...


The bigfoot research team heads to Minnesota to investigate intriguing howls recorded at an infamous bigfoot hot spot.

Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend

Finding Bigfoot: Bir...


The team heads to the Mecca of Sasquatchery, Bluff Creek, California. While there they recreate the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage

MonsterQuest: Giant Squid Found?

MonsterQuest: Giant ...


Is the legend of the Kraken, a tentacled beast as large as a whale, based on myth or a real creature?

Finding Bigfoot: Virginia is for Bigfoot Lovers

Finding Bigfoot: Vir...


The bigfoot research team heads to Virginia to investigate video the locals are dubbing "The Beast of Gumhill."

Finding Bigfoot: Buckeye Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot: Buc...


The team travels to Ohio to investigate an alleged close encounter with a bigfoot caught on tape.

MonsterQuest: Thunderbird

MonsterQuest: Thunde...


Native Americans have long revered huge birds called Thunderbirds. There was a rash of giant bird sightings in Illinois, Texas and Alaska back in the ...

MonsterQuest: America’s Loch Ness Monster

MonsterQuest: Americ...


An investigation of the plesiosaur-like lake monster nicknamed Champ that supposedly lurks in Lake Champlain, dubbed "America's Loch Ness Monster."

MonsterQuest: Mutant Canines

MonsterQuest: Mutant...


Something strange is killing Fido. In 2006, a number of pets were killed in Maine and Minnesota by a beast locals describe as a mutant

MonsterQuest: Bigfoot

MonsterQuest: Bigfoo...


Bigfoot has been sighted in Washington State more than any other place on earth. Join an all-female expedition as they try to lure a Bigfoot ...

MonsterQuest: Lions in the Backyard

MonsterQuest: Lions ...


Mountain lions do occasionally attack humans, and when they do it makes headlines across the country.

Finding Bigfoot: Alaska’s Bigfoot Island

Finding Bigfoot: Ala...


A call from a concerned mayor brings the Finding Bigfoot team to the island of Prince of Wales, Alaska.

Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia

Finding Bigfoot: Big...


The team, in their first episode, are in northern Georgia investigating cases with Bigfoot.

Finding Bigfoot: Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon

Finding Bigfoot: Fis...


The team travels to Oregon the investigate multiple cases with sightings of Bigfoot. A group of rafters accidentally capture a video supposedly having a Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot: Caught on Tape

Finding Bigfoot: Cau...


The team travels to North Carolina, specifically the Uwharrie National Forest to investigate supposed Bigfoot sightings.

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