The Origin of AIDS: Polio Vaccine Smoking Gun

The Origin of AIDS: Polio Vaccine Smoking Gun

Posted On: February 3, 2012
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During the 90′s Edward Hooper, a British journalist, traveled to Africa and became convinced that AIDS was an act of man, not an act of God. He interviewed hundred of participants and collected thousands of documents to support his theory.

In 1999 he published a book, The River: A Journey Back to the Source of HIV and AIDS which rocked the scientific community again. Hooper mapped the locations where Koprowski’s CHAT vaccine was given and where the earliest cases of AIDS were discovered. It showed a dramatic geographical correlation.

Edward Hooper: “The earliest cases of AIDS occurred in central Africa, in the same regions where Koprowski’s vaccine was given to over a million people in 1957-1960. I think that what we have here is the route whereby this chimpanzee virus arrived in humans.”

Hooper claims that kidneys from chimpanzees infected with SIV were used to grow the polio virus during Koprowski’s 1950′s vaccination campaign. Archival footage confirms that a large number of chimpanzees were housed at Camp Lindi, located upstream from Koprowski’s medical laboratory in Stanleyville in the former Belgian Congo.

But in his book Hooper provided evidence to show what happened to the four hundred chimps brought to the camp and killed in the space of two years.

Camp assistant Christophe Bayelo, cared for the chimps at Lindi. He told Hooper that the staff, including Paul Osterrieth, the lab’s head of virology, systemically harvested organs from the camp’s chimps.